About Us

GXPi was founded in 1999 and became part of the Formpipe Software AB company in 2014. It is a provider of specialist consulting services to simplify complex process and technology environments to help Life Science organisations achieve their compliance goals. These services are delivered to customers either as a stand-alone service or in combination with Formpipe software solutions. Since 1999, the company has successfully delivered over 500 consulting projects within the EU, US and Asia. GXPi and Formpipe work with many leading global organisations, helping them stay compliant through their offices in the US, Sweden, UK and India.

Formpipe Software AB

Parent company Formpipe Software AB develops ECM products and solutions for structuring information and supplies them to major companies, authorities and organisations. ECM products help organisations to capture, manage and distribute information, and to place it in context. The company’s software helps improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce risk exposure. Formpipe was founded in 2004 and has offices in Stockholm, Uppsala and Linköping in Sweden, and in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Formpipe share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic.